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Ask anyone with a woollen underlay on their bed – they wouldn’t be without it. And the Woolrest underlays are the best quality you will find.

The most luxurious premium quality wool pile top, combined with a layer of carded wool for extra comfort and padding, and all encased with a cotton percale backing.

Plus, we have two grades of underlay to suit your wallet and your taste in comfort – the luxury Golden Fleece wool underlay and Double Fleece wool mattress cover .

And if you still want an electric blanket – no problem, just put your Woolrest over the top of it.

How Wool Increases Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home

Wool is a wonderful fiber for absorption of indoor pollutants in your home. The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is affected by human activities, building materials, heating, ventilation, floor coverings and furnishings. As discussed in earlier posts, wool is made up … Read more »

Caring For Your Woolrest Underlay

The best way to clean your Woolrest Golden Fleece or Double Fleece is to take it to a reputable dry cleaner. Delicate dryclean only, with low moisture - Read more »

Read This Before You Buy A Wool Mattress Underlay

The wool used in your Woolrest woollen underlay is 100% grown and processed in New Zealand and Australia. This is important: it means it is free of the nasty chemicals used by many of our competitors, who get their wool supplied from countries such as China, … Read more »