About Us

Our story

Proudly NZ owned and operated. Founded in 1970, Woolrest is the leading brand in quality pure New Zealand wool bedding. Our goal is to let you take a piece of pure New Zealand with you when you purchase our Woolrest products. Made in Kaikorai Valley in the deep south of New Zealand with the finest materials and workmanship, Woolrest bedding offers superior reliability, comfort, and warmth. Made in New Zealand for over 40 years.


Pure Woolrest Comfort

Not just wool...it’s a Woolrest.  Your Woolrest pure New Zealand wool bedding allows air to circulate so its cosy warm in winter, cool and dry in the summer. All year round the wool breathes maintaining ultimate comfort. Your Woolrest is durable and naturally flame resistant. More than that, it is backed by our famous 5 year guarantee of quality. Rest assured you cannot buy better for a better night’s sleep.


Why choose wool?

Wool is a natural breathable fibre which regulates body temperature by creating a microclimate in summer and winter. Wool provides a natural resistance to dust mite. Wool is sustainable and biodegradable.


Caring for wool

We recommend airing wool bedding on a warm day for several hours before use. Regular airing will extend the life and retain the maximum benefits of your wool bedding. Dry clean only.