Warm & Healthy Sleep

Sleeping on wool also benefits new-born babies. Compared to cotton sheets, new-born babies were more settled when sleeping on wool while the rate of weight gain in underweight new-borns was 61% higher.

New Zealand wool fibres are soft, bouncy and strong making it one of the finest animal fibres in the world providing exceptional warmth and moisture absorption. Studies have shown that sleeping on wool improves sleep by 25% and it also helps to reduce heart rate. Woolrest wool duvets are filled with 100% natural New Zealand wool with the ability to trap heat and regulate moisture. The hollow structure of New Zealand wool fibres allows for natural breathability making it able to contain the heat created by the body. This ensures that you will be warm throughout the whole night. Alongside this, the moisture management ability absorbs and releases the excess heat and moisture into the air giving no space for fungus and bacteria to grow and providing you with a dry and healthy sleeping microclimate.