Woolrest Alpaca Duvet Inners

  • New Zealand Alpaca Fibre

Woolrest alpaca duvet inners are made from the finest 100% New Zealand alpaca fibres selected from experienced breeders all across the North and South islands. Our range of Woolrest alpaca duvet inners are sustainable, non-allergenic, lighter than wool, and are resistant to odours and mildew.


  • Breathability & Moisture Absorption

New Zealand alpaca fibres are also known as “soft gold” and considered to be one of the best moisture wicking natural fibres. The breathability and moisture absorption provided by the Woolrest alpaca duvets help to keep sweat away from the body and release the moisture into the air. Not only does this mean Woolrest Alpaca duvet inners keep you warm and dry in all seasons, but it also means that allergy-causing mould and bacteria have no place to breed due to its moisture evaporating properties.


  • Hypoallergenic

Alpaca duvets are non-allergenic and odour free because alpacas do not have the body oils that most animals naturally produce. Alpaca fibres are also longer and stronger than other animal fibres creating a smoother, softer and more durable product. Benefitting from these qualities, Woolrest alpaca duvet inners are the ideal choice for all kinds of customers, especially for those with allergies, sustainably providing you with a better sleeping experience.


  • Extra Warmth & Comfort

Alpaca fibres are both lighter and 25% warmer than sheep wool. These advantages are created by the tiny hollow structure within the centre of each individual fibre allowing it to trap the warmth created by body heat as well as making it one of the lightest animal fibres. This allows users to keep warm and sleep comfortably even in the coldest nights.  


  • Natural Fabric

Woolrest alpaca duvet inners are encased in 100% sateen cotton fabric, which maintains the advantages of moisture permeability and a soft impression. The superior craftsmanship allows the Alpaca filler to be closely fixed with the case providing an incredibly durable quality.


  • Quality Assurance

Woolrest is confident in its product quality, so we provide a 5 year unconditional warranty for fine workmanship and quality on your gold label wool duvet which covers any manufacturing issues.