Woolrest Duvet Inners

  • A Warm & Healthy Sleep

Woolrest wool and alpaca duvets inners are made from 100% New Zealand sourced fibres so you know you're buying a high quality, superior product. Both wool and alpaca fibre are renowned for their exceptional warmth and resilience, and have so many benefits it’s hard to know where to begin!  Natural, renewable and highly durable, these fibres are also non-allergenic so are perfect for those who are allergy sensitive.  Wool and alpaca fibres prevent the growth of bacteria and are naturally breathable therefore keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  When you purchase a Woolrest item you have all the benefits of a natural and sustainable product, backed up by the excellent workmanship that Woolrest has been famous for since 1970.


  • Completely Natural Fabric

Woolrest wool and alpaca duvet inners are encased in 100% cotton sateen fabric which is soft, supple and smooth. The exquisite craftsmanship allows the natural filler to be closely fixed with the casing, providing an incredibly durable duvet inner.


  • Proudly Sustainable

From the beginning of production to the finished product, Woolrest does not use any harmful chemicals, making our range a healthy and environmentally friendly choice, whilst ensuring the best possible quality. Our confidence in our Woolrest  range is reflected in the 5 year unconditional warranty for fine workmanship and quality on our Gold Label items, which covers any manufacturing issues.


  • Product Range

Click through to view our full Woolrest product range. A variety of gsm levels gives you the flexibility and choice to find the perfect item to suit your needs.