600gsm Reversible Underlays
600gsm Reversible Underlays
600gsm Reversible Underlays

600gsm Reversible Underlays

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  • Deeper Sleep

Because wool has an inherent breathability, moisture management and extraordinary body temperature regulation, wool fibres help to prevent the skin from feeling clammy and helps provide better sleep by up to 25%.

Scientific studies show that wool provides superior comfort in a variety of sleeping environments.  

  • Healthy Sleep

Commonly used in retirement homes and hospitals, wool sheepskin underlay has proven to be better at diffusing pressure points and halving the incidence of lower back pressure ulcers when compared with cotton sheets.

  • Benefit New-borns

Sleeping on wool also benefits new-born babies. Compared to cotton sheets, new-born babies were more settled when sleeping on wool while the rate of weight gain in underweight new-borns was 61% higher.

  • Fire Resistant

The innate chemical structure makes wool naturally flame resistant. Widely used in public areas, wool is harder to ignite and does not stick to the skin like many common synthetics.

  • Woolrest 600gsm Reversible Wool Underlay

Fitting for all year round. Woolrest underlay consists of 100% New Zealand wool fleece providing you a cozy and relaxing sleep in autumn and winter; the reversible side – 100% cotton sateen fabric is perfect for using as a mattress topper in spring and summer.

Made in China.