Wool Pillow

Wool Pillow

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  • Benefits of New Zealand Wool

Maintaining all the benefits of New Zealand wool, Woolrest pillows provide quality sleep through the utilisation of wool’s natural breathable and moisture absorbing properties, preventing the increase of heat around your head while you sleep.

  • Great neck support

Consisting of 55% New Zealand wool and 45% polyester, Woolrest pillow gives you a great neck support while releasing the pressure from your shoulder. The rebound resilience of both wool and polyester also allows Woolrest pillows to rebound back into shape quickly.

  • Natural fibre casing

Cased in 100% sateen cotton, Woolrest pillows offer you a soft touch and along with the full benefits of wool.


  • Made in New Zealand with 5 years warranty

An iconic New Zealand brand, Woolrest promises you a high quality product made with the finest craftsmanship throughout our range of Woolrest products. Because of our confidence in our products, we also provide you a 5-year warranty.